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Osram¡¯s Regensburg Location Seen in a Whole New Light

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As approaching on the A3 motorway heading toward Neutraubling, people can see the brightly lit façade of Osram Opto Semiconductors¡¯ new main building L01 from far away. The installation is part of an innovative concept from the high-tech group for the new design of commercial buildings with the focus on human lighting needs. Implemented with the help of state-of-the-art LED technology, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is designed to make a sustainable and positive impact on the working environment in the future. The concept covers the entire value chain of the Osram Group, from the LED to the complete lighting solution. Once again, the optoelectronics specialist proves that one of the most attractive employers for stateof-the-art technology and innovation can be found in Regensburg.

The exterior façade of the new main building of Osram Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg is a shining example of this high-tech location. (Image: Osram)

People are working ever longer hours in offices and enclosed spaces where brightness levels are far below that of natural daylight. A continuous light deficit or unsuitable lighting can lead to significant sleep and eating disorders, lack of energy, and even depression. The pioneering Human Centric Lighting concept aligns lighting with the needs of human biorhythms. 

There is an ¡°ideal¡± color temperature value for humans at any time of the day. If natural light does not reach this ideal value, artificial light can make up for it. In addition to preprogrammed light curves that take the season into account, sensors record the current value and adjust the lighting accordingly. The sensors also detect when no one is present in certain rooms and office areas. They then automatically switch to energysaving mode and dim the lighting.

Highlights of the outdoor lighting include the linear lighting on the building contours as well as flexible elements, such as the indirect lighting of the windows and the ¡°sky garden¡± employee cafeteria in the corporate color of orange at the onset of dusk.

The pioneering Human Centric Lighting concept aligns lighting with the needs of human biorhythms and improves working conditions. (Image: Osram)

¡°Our employees are the key to our success¡±, stresses Gerhard Maihoefner, head of the Regensburg location of Osram Opto Semiconductors. ¡°As a world leader in LEDs and optoelectronics, it makes sense to utilize our light-based innovations to contribute to a positive working environment.¡±

Global Innovation ¡°Made in Regensburg¡±

With this reference project of an office building completely equipped with HCL, Osram once again proves its trailblazing ability to actively shape potential future markets. In the future, the Human Centric Lighting concept could contribute to the sustainable improvement of the well-being and efficiency of millions of office workers around the globe.(belidar led shoebox light,led canopy light,led wallpack light,led street light,led highbay light etc.)

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